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Our Background

Dinidu Exporters Colombo is a sister concern of Ms. Dinidu Traders & Services. Ms. Dinidu Exporters – Colombo, Presently we expand & diversified our business with to 100% pure Cinnamon, Cinnamon Tea & other Ceylon spices to the Global markets.

Dinidu Values

  • Meeting our customer's needs and requirements through delivering quality products while meeting social and environment responsibilities where end user can use our products proudly.
  • We ensuring our supplier value chain meet all requirements, which will helpful for us to offer better prices while supporting our suppliers
  • Investing in our employees and developing business professionals where that will help us to give best service to our customers.


Delight our customers with providing quality products with affordable prices to meet end users expectation.


Build up long time relationship with trust & honesty policy and build the business together with suppliers, customers and staff members

Our Goals & Objectives

Satisfying the customer and make profit and build business